2019 | Homelessness and public health. Public health consequences of the criminalization of homelessness.

2017 | Homelessness and affordable housing policy in North American cities. Exploring alternative permanent housing options.

2017 | Heroin and methamphetamine use among homeless individuals in the urban Southwest. An emerging drug trend.

2012 – 2016 | Homelessness and public space in Denver Colorado USA. Spatial ethnographic study exploring the rationale and impacts of the city’s ban on camping.

2011 – 2016 | Gentrification in North Denver Colorado USA. The role of public spaces in Highland, a predominantly Latino and rapidly gentrifying neighborhood.

2012 – 2013 | Informal development in Beijing, China. How chengzhongcun contribute to and ameliorate increasingly complex urban-rural divides in China.

2010 | Adolescent obesity in Denver, Colorado USA funded by LiveWell Colorado. Effects of public safety and community gardening on outdoor physical activity for youth in a low-income neighborhood with high rates of child obesity.

2009 | Secure Cities Los Angeles and San Francisco, California USA. Funded by University of Colorado development grant. Real-time measurement of spatial incursions and divisions to provide empirical grounding to theoretical speculations of post 9/11 urban security landscapes.

2008 | Western Oregon Plan Revision Oregon, USA. Western Oregon Plan Revision in Corvallis Oregon, funded by US Bureau of Land Management. Content analysis of public comments regarding a proposal to restart logging operations in protected areas.

2008 | Bicycling in Boulder Colorado USA. Funded by University of Colorado Denver development grant. Analysis of bicycle infrastructure, flood control infrastructure, and transportation policies.


2009 | Research Assistant, University of Colorado Denver; Project: Secure Cities

2008 | Research Assistant, University of Colorado Boulder; Project: Western Oregon Plan Revision public comments analysis

2008 | Research Assistant, University of Colorado Denver; Project: Bicycling in Boulder